More informaton about being a nurse


A nurse has to perfrom many different task.A nurse must

  • be on time
  • A nurse must always help her patients and never be rude what so ever
  • A nurse also must keep up with the paper ork that the doctor gives them
  • Salary

    A nurse gets paid $34.96 per day. A nurse earns in a week about 244.72. If a nurse works for than a year she can earn up too $500.

    How nurses use computer skills

    Nurses use skills critcal think and help doctors all the time. Nurses also have to not make mistakes. Making a mistake can cause a big problem. A nurse also has to be on time and set up a lot things. Finally,a nurse us techonolgy by scanning through the computer to find more information about patient for example like where they live, what the names are, how old are they, who there parents are, and lasty phone numbers of a parent or guardien so they can inform that they are at the hospital. Also they take x-rays and exam them.